Shinhwa’s Eric

be it 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, or even 50 years later,

you will always be the quirky, mischievous, cunning yet kind-hearted, responsible, and loving leader that we treasure in our hearts.

though we cannot know how the future will unfold,

at least we know that you will always be the pillar that Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjos rely on.

may love and luck always be on your side, Eric-nim.

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He’s such a dork.  Ever sine the back injury from Wolf, break dance has become a special treat. I miss it. 

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Eric parents?

That’s Eric’s parents


Eric parents?

That’s Eric’s parents

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[Download] Samba Eric Gift Wrapping Hi Res Paper https://www.dropbox.com/s/3igv7625yuttjn9/samba%20eric%20wrapping%20paper.jpg

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2014.04.15 Amazing Pre-debut Stories of Shinhwa

Instiz: Pre-debut stories of how Shinhwa was cast in SM

Shinhwa was cast in 1995~1997. At that time, the companies were looking for idol-like people, so it was hard to get cast.

Eric Mun

He was very popular in L.A. Andy’s noona and Lee Soo Man’s daughter liked him.

He was handsome and was also a good fighter, so he was always the top student in his school. If someone was being racist to him, he beat up that person right on the spot. He also helped fellow Koreans who suffered racism.

He was a good student and was accepted into four universities in the States. But his dream was to become a singer, so he auditioned in L.A and was cast in SM.

One of the four universities he was accepted was UCLA. He was accepted for acting. In Korea, he got into Dongguk University’s theater acting major without special entrance.

His original dream was to become a rapper and he wanted to spread rap culture in Korea. Even though he ended up being an idol, his has great rapping skills. Underground rappers admit his rapping skills. He said he wouldn’t have debuted as an idol if it wasn’t the members.

His family was rich, he was popular, handsome, a good fighter, and was a good student. He was such an unfair character and was a perfect son. 

His parents were strongly opposed to his dream. His parents wanted him to get a doctor’s degree, so they took Eric’s car key and killed the car.

But Eric calmly had a family meeting with his smart brain. He said, “I have full plans for my future. In my teen years, I’ll do whatever I want. In my 20s, I’ll be an actor. In my 30s, I’ll open up my own entertainment company. In my 40s, I’ll be a university professor.” He said it very confidently and his parents agreed to him.

What’s scary is that his plans are working until this day


Lee Minwoo

According to Lee Minwoo, he grew up fishing at a river. He must’ve grew up at countryside. 

He was very passionate for dancing. He was popular in Jeonju for his dancing.

He was in a dance team and was cast in SM at Everland dance competition. Actually, he was about to give up to go to the competition because he forgot to bring his music CD. But he looked around the entire Seoul, found the same CD and auditioned. He auditioned with his friend but his friend failed to get into Shinhwa. Minwoo, feeling sorry, was going to give up debuting in Shinhwa. Shinhwa members made him stay.

Before his debut, he got an offer for a solo debut but he rejected it and debuted in Shinhwa. Lee Soo Man gave him allowance without telling other Shinhwa members. Lee Soo Man must’ve adored him a lot.


Kim Dongwan

When he was in high school, his nickname was “Hwimoon High School’s Moses Miracles”. Whenever Dongwan appeared, the students parted into half to see him.

He liked singing and acting. He was in a rock band in high school. He got popular with his handsome looks and his good singing, so he had many fans. On broadcast, he said he got cast when he was holding a big teddybear doll for his girlfriend. But SM and other companies were competing to cast him. 

They even made special cast managers to cast Dongwan. The directors stalked after Dongwan to cast him. But Dongwan, who was doing rock, refused all because he never wanted to be an idol. He changed his mind when he saw Andy, Hyesung, and Eric practicing.


Shin Hyesung

Hyesung was cast in the same L.A audition as Eric. Hyesung, Eric, and Andy were all popular in L.A so they knew each other. 

He went to the SM audition because his friend wanted to audition. Lee Soo Man asked Hyesung to also sing and he sang blankly. Lee Soo Man listened to him singing and said to Andy, “isn’t his voice so good?” Lee Soo Man was very impressed and cast him.

His friend failed the audition and he was the one who was cast. Fans wonder why he never had a dream to become a singer because he sings well. 

When he was attending high school in Korea, his nickname was Shinil High School’s oil tank because he was usually quiet but when he got mad, he acted very upset like a fueled fire.


Jun Jin

Jun Jin was popular since high school because he was a good dancer.

According to Moon Heejun, Jun Jin was popular in Song-pa as a dancer.

He was Kangta’s friend in high school and Kangta introduced him to SM. Jun Jin auditioned at SM and was cast.


Andy Lee

Andy was also in a popular dance team in L.A. Their team was often called to other schools. He auditioned at a dance competition and was cast by Lee Soo Man.

Lee Soo Man called Andy to cast him, but Andy thought it was a prank call so he hung up right away. Lee Soo Man somehow got in touch with him and he told Andy to come to a park. At the park Lee Soo Man turned on a song and told him to dance on the spot. Andy danced. Lee Soo Man took him to a karaoke and signed a contract.

He was planned to debut in H.O.T. Tony Ahn, Moon Heejun, Kangta, and Andy worked as back dancers to get used to perform on a stage. Andy had fans even when he was a back dancer.

When H.O.T was about to debut, his mother opposed to it because Andy was only 16. Besides, Andy was also scared to debut in Korea. He went back to US.

Tony Ahn filled Andy’s spot and Andy went back to L.A. A year later, Lee Soo Man again visited L.A and met Andy. Lee Soo Man took Andy to Korea again. He debuted in Shinhwa


Moon Heejun said when he saw Shinhwa members when they were trainees, they already looked like debuted singers because of their visuals and their aura.


- Daebak. They totally sound like fanfic characters
- It’s really fanfic-like ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- SM’s casting skills is amazing
- All of them are amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- Oh daebak…

Source: kpopfans

Might sounds like a fanfic but isn’t not a fanfic.  Shinhwa is that awesome!

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2 CEOs’ complicated relationship

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[Part 18- Fan Pics] Shinhwa XVI HERE Concert ~ OT6 (cr due)

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Chidish is the new sexy

and Oppayam is always the black hole LOL

leader is the kid at heart, so are the members

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Eric #1
Cr : Radianye

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